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A Remarkable Ceratopsian from the
Judith River Formation of Central Montana
© Judith the Dinosaur
Welcome to 'Judith the Dinosaur': The twice-discovered Ceratopsian
Judith's Journey
A new species of dinosaur is at the Winifred Museum, Montana, (USA). Amateur paleontologists helped make it happen.
The first of Judith's skull casts is on display at the Winifred, Mt Musuem. The video will play when a museum visitor presses the button.
   Judith the Dinosaur
   Late Cretaceous
   Bones of the Skull
   Dig Site Details
   Preparation of Skull Cast
Viewing Judith's skull cast from various angles
Click here for an interactive viewing of Judith's skull cast.
Multiple views of Judith's skull cast
More Progress on Judith!

We have some good news to report! The scientific paper intended to introduce Judith to the paleontological community has reached a new milestone.

The paper, authored by Christopher Ott, Peter Larson, Joe Small, Edward Iuliano, Bill Shipp, Linda Shipp, and Kurt Spearing, has been tentatively accepted for publication by a major paleontology journal. The reviewers offered many excellent suggestions to improve the paper, and they will be added in the next few weeks. When those minor tweaks are done, it must pass one more round of peer review, and then the official publication date will be announced! We can't give you much more information than that at the moment, but suffice to say, progress is happening at a much faster pace. We look forward to being able to share more information about Judith with the world sometime in 2013.

Stay tuned!

unnamed genus/species

Temporal Range: Late Cretaceous
Skull cast at Winifred Museum
Scientific classification
Follow the unfolding story of Judith the Dinosaur

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